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Before Your Pregnancy has the distinction of being a collaborative effort between a practicing Ob-Gyn and a Registered Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist. This is our second edition, reflecting more than a decade of collaboration.  Before Your Pregnancy is now acknowledged to be among the most comprehensive preconception resources in print.

We recognize that people gravitate to our website for different reasons.  A wide variety of interests and medical histories exist among our readers.  But what you have in common is a desire for accurate information as you prepare to conceive a child.  Feel free to hopscotch to the chapters that pertain to you the most. We have worked hard to synthesize the latest research for you, and hope that it provides the answers and encouragement you have been looking for.

In print, and Random House now offers this edition as an eBook as well. (ISBN 978-0-345-51841-5)

How our book was conceived…

Before Your Pregnancy, now in its second edition, was originally conceived in the mid 1990s when the notion of preconception health was not a routine conversation.  Fast forward to today.  There is an explosion of interest in how individuals can maximize their odds of a successful conception and a healthy, full-term pregnancy.   Preconception preparation is a shared opportunity for prospective mothers and fathers to improve their own health and that of their future offspring while maximizing their fertility potential.

As with the first edition of Before Your Pregnancy, this updated edition focuses on the three (or more) months prior to conception through the definitive positive pregnancy test.  There are other great resources that take it from there, but we devote our attention to what’s important now.  To get a sense of what this updated edition of Before Your Pregnancy offers, you may wish to review the Preface, the Table of Contents, and a few sample pages. Make the most of your preconception medical visit by doing your homework with us and preparing questions relevant to your medical history before the appointment. To help you prepare for this visit, we have provided pre-appointment checklists and questionnaires  for women and men (pages 91 and 269).

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Available through Amazon as a paperback or Kindle.

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