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The most common option for individual or gift-giving purchasesIndividual orders for the paperback or eBook can be placed directly through the following link(s), or Random House Publishing will ship directly to your favorite local bookstore if it isn’t currently on their shelf (ask your bookseller about this option).  Full price is $20, and we’ve seen discounts near $15.  eBook prices are more standard from site to site at   ~$12-$15.  Make sure that you’re getting the Revised Edition (indicated by the red seal) —  also called 2nd edition –especially if you are shopping for a used book or looking in your local library. A few links for you, in no particular preference:

Paperback   eBook   IndieBound  Target







Ordering in bulk (>12 copies at a time):  Clinicians or institutions that have lending libraries, retail shops, or offer preconception educational classes that include our book in the cost of the class may be interested in ordering multiple copies of Before Your Pregnancy on a regular basis.  If this applies to you, directly contact Random House Publishing  “New Accounts Department” at phone number:  866-761-6685.  Here’s what we’ve been told, but do check with them for updates.  There are two options for ordering multiple copies of Before Your Pregnancy (ISBN 978-0-345-51841-5):

1)      Specialty Retail Account:  For those who wish to carry paperback copies of Before Your Pregnancy for patients to purchase on site, request a “specialty retail” account.   They will email or fax the necessary paperwork, and you’ll need a resale license (seller’s permit).  If you choose to set up an account where books are nonreturnable, you will receive 50% off the cover price; if you allow returns, the discount is smaller.  There is an opening order minimum of ~13 books for nonreturnable accounts.  All shipping is free.

2)      Premium Sales Account:  If your plan is to give away books, request a “premium sales” account.  They will email or fax the necessary paperwork to set up your account.There is an opening order minimum of 25 books, and all shipping is free.  Your discount is dependent upon the volume ordered:

  • Up to 499 copies                     45% discount
  • 500-999 copies                        52% discount
  • >1000 copies                           60% discount


For either option 1 or 2 of bulk ordering, shortages or damages are covered at no cost.

Please return to the top of this page if you were only looking for a way to order one (or at most, a few) copy of BYP. 


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