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Liza Mazzullo, MD, is a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist in Chicago, Illinois, and an assistant professor at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. In practice since 1995, she was selected to help administer the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology exams, certifying young physicians in their ob/gyn competence.

Dr. Mazzullo enjoys traveling for pleasure and on medical missions, both of which have impressed upon her the importance of preconception and prenatal care. Outside of the US, the number of preventable infant and maternal deaths and illnesses are astounding. With 50% of American pregnancies unplanned, there is tremendous opportunity to influence the health of prospective mothers and their offspring.


Amy in the Sierras, one of her favorite places.

Amy in the Sierras, one of her favorite places.

Amy Ogle, M.S., R.D., received her B.S. in Community Nutrition from the University of California, Davis.  Her clinical interest lies in “developmental nutrition” (more specifically, the nutrient requirements of babies in the womb and proactive strategies to improve nutrient accessibility). Amy couples her nutrition knowledge with a graduate degree in Applied Exercise Physiology from San Diego State University.  Her career history includes counseling in the outpatient clinical setting and a part-time private practice working with corporate and individual clients.  She has become widely regarded for her expertise in health prior to and between pregnancies; and she’s a vocal advocate for involving males in preconception preparation.

Before Your Pregnancy was initially a workbook and video for couples on pre-pregnancy nutrition and fitness produced by Ogle.  At the urging of an enthusiastic book editor and several experienced literary agents at a writers’ conference, she was encouraged to broaden the scope and work on getting it published “by a real publishing house.”  Lisa Mazzullo, MD, already a big advocate of preconception care in her obstetric practice half way across the country, joined Amy as the medical expert and co-author of the trade paperback. First published in 2002 by Ballantine/Random House, and subsequently revised and updated in 2011, Before Your Pregnancy has been well regarded by the medical community and featured in magazines such as TIME, American Baby, Fitness, Elegant Bride, SHAPE, and Library Journal. Both authors have served as invited speakers in syndicated television and radio shows as well as clinical conferences.

Coinciding with the early work on Before Your Pregnancy, Amy and her husband had two children of their own – a daughter, and five years later a son – adding to her understanding and empathy for prospective parents.  Ogle’s interest in reaching couples prior to conception continues. She collaborates with educators to promote health and fitness across the academic continuum, from middle school health education to university and medical institutions, and not-for-profit organizations.

When left to her own devices, Amy enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking and traveling, reading, and experimenting with new foods and delicious wholesome recipes (some of which make their way into food demonstrations).

She lives with her husband and two kids in San Diego, CA.

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